Identity Management

For all members of TU Darmstadt

TU-ID : central user ID for access to various systems of the TU-Darmstadt, for example TUCaN, Moodle and e-mail

Athena-Card : personalised card for the use of several offers, facilities etc.

For guests

TU-ID : Guests with legitimate interest in access to the IT systems of the TU Darmstadt can also get a TU-ID

Identity management and authentication

What is a “digital identity”?

In our daily lives we constantly verify whether a particular person is who he/she claims to be. This verification is done by checking identity documents.

In the electronic world, every real person is “given” a digital identity. This is the person's representation in electronic systems. Whenever identity verification, also known as authentication, is required, it is represented by the digital identity.

The Digital Identity at TU Darmstadt

At TU Darmstadt, the central digital identity for all persons is generated by the Identity Management System (IDM) of HRZ and is called TU-ID.

For this purpose, data from source systems (e.g. human resources management or the student administration system) is taken from a natural person and the TU-ID is generated directly. Employees who are not registered via the human resources management or the student administration system can be entered manually and given a TU-ID. This enables every member and member of the TU to receive a TU-ID.