Edit LaTeX documents together

A large part of scientific publications (especially in the mathematical and scientific area) is created with LaTeX. With the help of ShareLaTeX you can work in a team on the same publication. No local installation is necessary: You can create and edit documents directly online in your browser.

User groups

  • Employees, students and guests with a TU-ID can use ShareLaTeX directly. A separate registration is not necessary.
  • External persons (without a TU-ID) can get access to individual projects via a link. Link sharing must be activated for this. Two links are then created: read only or edit. These can be shared.

Service characteristics

ShareLaTex offers...

  • collaborative editing of LaTeX documents
  • avoiding version inconsistencies in content
  • central provision of resources (e.g. graphics, templates)
  • a chat function
  • creation and editing of documents via web application: no local software installation necessary

To use the ShareLaTeX application all you need is an up-to-date browser and access to the internet.

Diese Nutzungsbedingungen (opens in new tab) regeln die Nutzung des ServiceShareLaTeX an der TU Darmstadt.

The University and State Library Darmstadt (ULB) offers regular workshops as well as individual consultation hours for word processing with LaTex. Further information can be found on the ULB website.

The service is free of charge.