E-Mail Students

Linux-Mailbox for students

As a student at TU Darmstadt, you initially receive an e-mail address that follows this form: firstname.surname@stud.tu-darmstadt.de. TU Darmstadt only sends important information about your studies to this e-mail address. In order to receive messages, you must set up this e-mail address.

Here, you can either choose to have all e-mails forwarded to your personal e-mail address or to have a mailbox with TU Darmstadt. If forwarding is active, you will not have a mailbox with TU. For example, this means that it would not be possible to use the according web mail interface. If you still want to send e-mails from your student address, please follow these instructions:

Instructions on how to send e-mails without accessing the web mail interface with your student e-mail address, e.g. in Thunderbird.

Screenshot von der Auswahl der E-Mail Adresse

After activating your TU-ID you are forwarded to e-mail configuration. You select one of the suggested e-mail addresses in the student e-mail address tab of IDM portal. Then choose one of the following procedures:

Screenshot von Konfiguration der E-Mail Adresse
  • You can set up your own TU mailbox from which you retrieve messages directly. Access to this mailbox is provided via an e-mail programme on your computer or via TU Damstadt's webmail portal. Instructions can be found in the menu at set up e-mail. Customize e-mail describes important measures for customizing basic configuration of your e-mail programme, which enables smooth e-mailing via your TU account.
  • Alternatively, you can set up forwarding to your private e-mail address. In this case, please make sure that e-mails from the sender “…@…tu-darmstadt.de” are not sorted out as SPAM within your private e-mail account.