Web and video conferencing

As an alternative to face-to-face meetings, HRZ provides you with various web and video conferencing systems. Depending on the use case, you can decide on a fitting system.

The e-learning working group provides detailed information on their websites about online live formats in teaching. Learn more

In your consideration of using BBB or Zoom, please see the following note regarding the use of video conferencing systems.

Note on the use of video conferencing system

Zoom is controversial in terms of data privacy, as the legal standards in the EU and the USA are not well compatible. In order to address the criticism regarding the data protection of Zoom, TU Darmstadt intends – as soon as this is possible – to switch to Zoom X offering of Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Learn more

BigBlueButton (BBB) is unproblematic in this regard and will continue to be available as a DSGVO-compliant tool at TU Darmstadt. BBB is operated by Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on its own servers and is to be preferred from a data protection perspective.

Users decide for themselves which system to use. However, the use of Zoom is not recommended if more sensitive, personal topics are discussed. In this case, BigBlueButton, a telephone call or an appointment in presence are suitable alternatives.

Web conference systems


BigBlueButton (BBB) is an open-source web conferencing tool for conducting online meetings, which is offered in a data-protection-compliant manner in cooperation with the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da).

BBB offers functions to support online teaching and online collaboration at the TU Darmstadt. It is integrated into the Moodle learning platform.

BBB can be used by employees and students of TU Darmstadt.

All information about BBB


With the standard campus license, Zoom allows you to host video conferences and online events with up to 300 participants. The tool offers screen sharing functionalities and a chat, etc.

The cloud service is also suitable for larger online teaching events due to its ease of use and high availability, even with larger numbers of participants. Up to 1000 participants can be easily realized through planned license extensions.

The Zoom campus licence is available for all employees and students of TU Darmstadt.

All information about Zoom


Via DFNconf – the conference service in the German Research Network (DFN) – you can organise video and audio conferences on the web or on mobile devices free of charge. Information can be shared during the meeting via video or screen sharing.

Employees can participate in conferences and set them up whereas students can participate only.

All information about DFNconf

Jabber: The Unified Communication Client at TU Darmstadt

Using the Jabber Client, TU employees who have a Cisco device with personal telephone number can set up video conferences, share screen contents and even exchange files with just a few clicks, without leaving the application. Learn more

When more than two people participate in the video call, the Cisco Meeting Server becomes active. Independent of the Jabber application, the Cisco Meeting Server can also be accessed via a web interface. This is especially useful if you plan to invite non-TU members to your meeting. The conference platform is suitable for meetings with up to 30 people.

The servers for UC telephony and meetings are located at the TU Darmstadt and are also administered there. The conference platform thus complies with the requirements of the DSGVO. Quick guide