Linux mailbox
Setting up TU e-mail address

Members of TU Darmstadt get an e-mail address. Important information will only be sent to this e-mail address.

User groups

Students get an e-mail address which usually is firstname.lastname{lfdNr} They can set up their e-mail address in the IDM portal after activating the TU-ID.

Employees of TU Darmstadt receive a central e-mail address firstname.surname{lfdNr} on base of our groupware . Please check in your institution whether you use groupware as e-mail system or Linux mailbox.

Service characteristics

Linux mailbox offers...

  • secure e-mail communication via SSL encryption
  • extensive SPAM and virus protection
  • access to your e-mails from anywhere via webmail interface

How do I set up my e-mail address?

After activating your TU-ID, you will be forwarded to the e-mail configuration. Then you select one of the suggested e-mail addresses in the IDM portal in the tab student e-mail address.

You can access the mailbox via the webmail portal or using an e-mail program on your device.

Webmail settings
Setting up your e-mail program & Customize your e-mail program

Instructions for setting up and configuring your Linux mailbox are available here .

The service is free of charge for students.

This service is subject to a fee for facilities. You find an overview of the costs here .