You are new at TU Darmstadt?
Information for new students

The following steps will support you in starting your studies at the TU Darmstadt and help you to organize your daily study life.

TU-ID is your central user ID at TU Darmstadt. This gives you access to various TU Darmstadt systems, such as TUCaN and Moodle. In order to activate your personal TU-ID, please use your access code. It is located on the data control sheet which was originally attached to your student ID card.

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Activate TU-ID now

When the TU-ID is activated, you will usually receive an e-mail address at TU Darmstadt in the form Important information about your studies will only be sent to this e-mail address by TU Darmstadt. You should therefore set up your own TU mailbox.

More information and instructions regarding your e-mail address

Set up your e-mail address now by using your “Student e-mail address” in our IDM Portal

Athena Card combines various functions that are helpful at TU Darmstadt on a daily basis. You can use it to pay for food and drinks at our cafeterias, to identify yourself at HRZ Service, and it is also your user card for Darmstadt's university and state library (ULB) and Unisport-Zentrum. In order to obtain an Athene Card, a passport photo must be deposited for account administration. If you need support, use the offer of our photo station at the service counters .

Directly upload an image

Your Athena card will be sent by post to the address deposited in TuCAN.

How to get your Athena Card. In this short video you will learn how to get your Athena card.

You can use free WiFi at TU Darmstadt with your WiFi account. TU Darmstadt is a member of the eduroam network. Therefore, you can also log onto our WiFi at other universities within this network.

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Hessenbox-DA allows users to share, synchronise and store files securely and quickly between different users, desktop computers or mobile devices. It is also possible to work on documents collaboratively in a web browser using OnlyOffice.

More information and instructions for Hessenbox-DA

Activate Hessenbox-DA now under “Persönliche Accountverwaltung” > “Zustimmungen” > “Hessenbox-DA Zustimmung”

Students at TU Darmstadt receive the M365 Education A3 product package. This includes the applications from O365 as well as numerous cloud-based tools for communication, data exchange and work and team organisation. Well-known examples are OneDrive or Teams video conferencing. In order to use M365, you must register once.

More information about the Microsoft Campus Contract

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The web conference tool Zoom is at currently used at TU Darmstadt to support digital teaching. Using the campus licence, students can not only participate in online courses, they can also actively organise their own online meetings with other students.

To activate your campus license for Zoom, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open and select the “Sign in” button.
  2. On the following page please click on “New at Zoom?” on “Sign up free”.
  3. To verify, enter your date of birth and click “Continue”.
  4. Now enter your e-mail address of TU Darmstadt: first
  5. Finally, click on “Register”.

Students of TU Darmstadt can use various services of the universities represented in the German Research Network (DFN), such as the survey tool “DFNTerminplaner” or the file exchange platform “GigaMove” of RWTH Aachen University, which allows you to transfer files up to 100 GB in encrypted form.
Furthermore, some services at the TU use the authentication and authorisation infrastructure of DFN.

To use the external services, you only need to select your institution during registration and agree to the transfer of your data to the associated service.