Instructions for Linux Mailbox
Setting up your e-mail program

Setting up email in Mac Mail

The step-by-step instructions for configuring the Mac E-mail client were created and tested on Mac OS X version 10.10 (Yosemite). Note: Mail on Mac saves the password on your machine without asking.

Step 1

  • Open the mail programme.
  • Click then “Add another mail account” in the menu under mail.

Step 2

  • Enter your name under Full Name.
  • For e-mail address, enter your e-mail address (
  • Under Password enter your password.
  • If all the details are correct, click on Next.

Step 3

  • For User Name, enter the following:
    • For students: <TU-ID>
    • For employees using Linux: <TU-ID>@<mail domain> – e.g.
  • Select IMAP for account type.
  • Enter the following at the incoming mail server for IMAP access:
    • For students:
    • For employees using Linux:
  • Enter at the server for outgoing e-mails.
  • Now click on Register.

Step 4

  • For the SMTP server, enter
  • Enter your <TU-ID> for the user name.
  • Enter your password under Password.
  • Now click on Create.

Step 5

  • Now enter 465 as port.
  • Select the Use SSL check box.
  • Enter the password for authentication.
  • Now click on Create.