Instructions for Linux Mailbox
Setting up your e-mail program

Setting up e-mail in Thunderbird

This step-by-step guide has been created and tested with Thunderbird email client version 60.4.0. The current version for download can be found on the Mozilla homepage.

Step 2

  • In your machine, open the Thunderbird e-mail program.
  • Make sure that the Local Folders item is selected.
  • Under Account Setup: click E-mail

Step 2

  • A window for setting up the account appears.
  • Here you can use your email account details to configure Thunderbird to retrieve and send using your email address.
  • Enter your full name in the Name field.
  • Under Email address, enter the relevant email address.
  • For Password, enter the appropriate password. With a check in the Save password checkbox, your password is permanently saved in plain text on your computer. This is only recommended if you set a master password in Thunderbird (Master Password Guide).
  • Now click on Next.

Step 3

Thunderbird now tries to retrieve the settings for the TU Darmstadt mail server. This search usually fails so that the settings have to be set manually.

  • Enter your password under Password.
  • Enter the following under User Name:
    • For students: <TU-ID>
    • For employees using Linux: <TU-ID>@<mail domain> – e.g.:
  • Enter the following for the incoming mail server for IMAP access:
    • For students:
    • For employees Linux:
  • Select IMAP for the account type.
  • Enter 993 as port for IMAP.
  • Select SSL/TLS as connection security.
  • Select Authentication Password, Normal.
  • Specify as the outgoing mail server.
  • Select 465 as port.
  • Set SSL/TLS as connection security
  • Select Authentication Password, Normal.
  • Now you can check your settings with Retest Configuration.

Step 4

  • Then select Retest.
  • If the settings are correct, click Done to complete the account setup.