Communication and collaboration

For all members of TU Darmstadt

Web & video conferencing: various web and video conferencing systems to replace face-to-face meetings such as Zoom or DFNconf

Hessenbox-DA: Sync & Share system, which offers an alternative to commercial services that complies with data protection and copyright laws

ShareLaTeX: work together on the same publication

TU-GitLab: use code management to track which changes were made to content such as source code, LaTex files or scripts

For students

Linux-Mailbox: TU e-mail address, which must be set up in order to receive all important information about your studies

For employees

Telephony: Office communication and mobile communication at TU Darmstadt, for example Jabber, requesting new telephones, changes to entries in the TU-wide telephone book or canceling telephone lines etc.

Mobile phones: business mobile phones with needs-based contract from the framework contract of the state of Hessen

Groupware: the central e-mail address at TU-Darmstadt

For departments and institutions

Groupware: use of extended e-mail functionalities

Mailing lists: exchange information by e-mail with a targeted group of recipients

Mass mailer: reach a large number of people with just one e-mail

Email infrastructure: central email gateways, through which all emails leaving or entering TU Darmstadt's network are routed.

More offers

The following offers can be used via the DFN-AAI network. To use them, a one-time activation in the IDM Portal is required. Read more