You are new at TU Darmstadt?
Information for new employees

Are you new at TU Darmstadt? Take the following steps to get off to a good start!

TU-ID is your central user ID. This gives you access to various TU Darmstadt systems, such as Moodle and TUCaN. In order to activate your TU-ID, you need your personnel number, your date of birth and an activation code. The activation code will be sent to your private e-mail address upon request. Please contact the HRZ-Service by phone or via contact form.

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Activate TU-ID now

By activating your TU-ID you will also automatically receive your central e-mail address. This address is read, for example, when the presidium of the TU Darmstadt writes to all members of the TU Darmstadt. You can access your central e-mail address via web interface using an Internet browser.

All information regarding the central e-mail address (Groupware)

Your organizational unit operates its own e-mail server?

If your organizational unit operates its own e-mail server, you have to forward the central e-mail address to your personal mailbox. Please set up this forwarding (opens in new tab) as soon as possible.

Athena Card combines various functions that are helpful at TU Darmstadt on a daily basis. It can be used to pay for cafeteria purchases and it is a user card for Unisport-Zentrum and the university and state library (ULB). For employees, an Athena Card is available with or without a passport photo.

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Hessenbox-DA allows users to share, synchronise and store files securely and quickly between different users, desktop computers or mobile devices. It is also possible to work on documents collaboratively in a web browser using OnlyOffice.

All information and instructions for Hessenbox-DA

Activate Hessenbox-DA now under “Persönliche Accountverwaltung” > “Zustimmungen” > “Hessenbox-DA Zustimmung”

You can use free WiFi at TU Darmstadt with your WiFi account. TU Darmstadt is a member of the eduroam network. Therefore, you can also log onto our WiFi at other universities within this network. You can independently generate WiFi guest accounts for guests and event participants.

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In order to support mobile work and digital teaching, TU Darmstadt acquired a Zoom campus license. The cloud service supports different usage scenarios – from virtual teamwork to online presentations and online lectures.

An initial registration is required to use the campus licence.

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Jabber is a UC client (Unified Communications Client), which combines all relevant communication services in a central user interface.

With Jabber, you can chat, make phone calls, make video conferences, share screen contents and exchange files, among other things.

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Employees of TU Darmstadt can use various services of the universities represented in the German Research Network (DFN), for example the survey tool „DFNTerminplaner“, the web video conference tool “DFNconf” or the file exchange platform “„GigaMove” of RWTH Aachen University, which allows you to transfer files up to 100 GB in encrypted form.

Furthermore, some services at the TU use the authentication and authorisation infrastructure of DFN.

To use the external services, you only need to select your institution during registration and agree to the transfer of your data to the associated service.

Working mobile?

Beyond the office workplace, mobile working places spezial demands on IT and IT security

Please note the safety advices for the use of private end devices!